CFD Trading

Discover the World’s Financial Markets via CFD Trading

Trade the leading financial markets from around the world using the convenience of CFDs.

* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.


The world’s most in-demand precious & industrial metals, energy, agriculture products.


Access global stock markets to trade shares listed American, European, and Asian exchanges.


Diversify your portfolio with indices and ETFs from the US, European, and Asian markets.

Digital Currencies
Digital Currencies
Digital Currencies
Digital Currencies

Join the financial revolution with the freshest financial celebrities like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple

Trade the leading financial markets from around the world using the convenience of CFDs.

* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Why Trade CFDs?

The most flexible and accessible method for speculating on the global financial markets.

Global financial markets are where the wealth and riches of the world exchange hands. The beauty of trading CFDs comes from the ability to benefit on price changes in the markets without having to purchase any assets physically. Digital Trade Prime is waiting to empower you with access to CFDs covering over 1,000 markets, all from a single trading account and within one trading platform. 

Hottest assets
Trade the world’s most in-demand commodities, stocks, indices, and Digital Currencies.
Two-way trading
Long & short positions enable you to catch opportunities both when markets rise and when they fall.
No strings attached
When you trade with contracts, there is no obligation in relation to the ownership of the physical assets.
Increase your exposure
Use leverage responsibly to amplify your position sizes, or to minimise the margin you need to allocate to trades.
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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

CFD Trading With Digital Trade Prime

When you trade with Digital Trade Prime, you can benefit from the insights of our market professionals and trade more effectively with our game-changing tools.

When you trade CFDs with Digital Trade Prime, you have full access to an education section which contains a wide range of tutorials that explain what CFD trading is, how CFD trading works, and the best CFD trading strategies. Combine your robust training with the Digital Trade Prime trader’s toolkit and make the most of the markets with advantageous CFD trading conditions.

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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Professional support

Digital Trade Prime market professionals and support team is ready to guide you day-or-night in multiple languages via chat, phone, and e-mail.

Safe trading

Digital Trade Prime NBH Markets EU Ltd is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (No. 208/13) and in full compliance with MiFID II regulation.

Security first

Digital Trade Prime keeps your funds in segregated accounts and utilises advanced encryption technologies to secure all your personal and financial information.

CFD Trading Conditions

View our trading conditions for commodities, stocks, indices, and Digital Currencies below.

* Based on Digital Trade Prime Gold Account for Professional Traders following MiFID II regulation.

* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Best CFD Trading Tools

The action never stops in the global financial markets. Whether markets rise or fall, there is always an opportunity waiting. Digital Trade Prime prepares you to trade with mission-oriented platforms, state-of-the-art tools, and tailor-made courses. Explore the Digital Trade Prime trader’s toolbox now!

Trading Platforms

A full-featured trading terminal is a necessity for a successful CFD trading experience. Digital Trade Prime traders enjoy the versatility of the world-renowned trading platform MetaTrader 4.

  • Digital Trade Prime MT4-Trading: I Desktop Versatility Infused Into Web Browser Accessibility. 

  • Digital Trade Prime MT4 Desktop: The Most Favored Platform For Traders Who Seek Enhanced Tools And Customization.

  • Digital Trade Prime MT4 Mobile: Trade On The Go, Access The Markets Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want.

Trading Tools

  • Daily market news
    Start the day with a market briefing that aims to inform you of the most important trading events of the day.
  • Economic calendar
    A comprehensive and customisable market schedule for you to track upcoming reports and releases.
  • Professional insights
    Learn what market professionals expect for your favourite assets and make informed trading decisions.
  • Trading Central targets
    Gather even more market information by taking a look at what past numbers predict for future market behaviour. Keep in mind, predictions are not guarantees and should be interpreted as such.

Trading Education

Assets may differ according to their classification, but not so much when it comes to analysing and trading. Visit the Digital Trade Prime education section to start learning the basics of CFD trading. Follow our trading curriculum to transform into a knowledgeable trader.

Full Courses
Assess your knowledge, start from where you feel comfortable.
Trading for Beginners
Our introduction to Trading guide for beginners is dedicated to the fundamentals of trading and investing. Learn the basics, reinforce your knowledge, and start paving the way for your portfolio’s success.
How to start trading
Our how-to start trading guide will give you fantastic insight into how you can control your portfolio with professional-level trading strategies, advanced analysis skills, and mindfulness for your psychology as a trader.
Extensive Resources
Learn any topic or refresh your memory.
Video library
Short and easy to digest mini-guides on a variety of topics related to investing and trading financial markets.
Articles & e-Books
Enhance your academic knowledge of financial markets and CFD trading with our professional articles and guides.
Trading infographics
We simplified the simplest guides. If you prefer instructional learning, check our infographics to trade step-by-step!
Our trading glossary is designed to provide a quick understanding when you encounter a confusing term.
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* Risk Warning: Trading in forex and CFDs could lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Portfolio Management

Do you want to trade or invest in the financial markets but don’t have enough time? The Digital Trade Prime portfolio management service might be the solution you’re looking for.

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    Open a Silver
    Account. Deposit a
    minimum of $2,500.

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    Get started
    with a 7-day

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    During the trial, we’ll follow
    a conservative, limited risk
    investment strategy.

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    Log in and review the
    recent performance of
    your account at any time.

What is CFD trading?

What is CFD trading?

New to CFD trading? Learn the basics of the easiest way to trade in the financial markets.

  • What is a CFD? – A basic overview

    Every day, the global financial markets attract millions of investors and traders who seek to capitalise on the fluctuating value of assets in the market. Most methods involve a complicated registration and compliance process, require dedicating large amounts of capital, and offer little room for manoeuvre when the winds shift. CFDs are innovative investment instruments which enable anybody from any kind of background to trade in the markets, regardless of capital size or education level.

  • What is CFD trading?

    CFD stands for “Contract for Difference”. When trading the CFD of a financial asset, you don’t physically purchase the asset, but trade on the price difference. It allows you to open Buy (Long) positions when you predict the future price will be higher and Sell (Short) positions when you expect the future price will be lower. Any financial asset (e.g., commodities, stocks, indices, and Digital Currencies) can be traded in the form of CFDs.

  • How to profit in CFD trading?

    Your profitability is based on whether the asset price moved in the predicted direction, and how far it moved when you choose to close the position. CFDs typically don’t have an expiration date and allow you to hold on to the position as long as you wish.

  • How to trade CFDs?

    CFD trading is possible through online brokers who offer this service. As a leading online broker, Digital Trade Prime offers CFD trading in forex currency pairs; commodities like metals, oil, and agriculture products, stocks and indices from the U.S., Europe, and Asia and Digital Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Digital Trade Prime also provides leverage when trading CFDs, which allows you to open large positions while allocating only a small portion of the required capital.

  • Why trade with CFDs?

    CFD trading gives you instant access to a wide range of financial markets and assets around the world. Most exchanges will require lengthy registration procedures, complicated trading processes, and frustrating limitations. CFDs enable anybody to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the financial markets without any discrimination.

Digital Trade Prime forex trading FAQ

This is when the forex market sleeps.

1. What does CFD mean?

The term “CFD” is an abbreviation of “Contract for Difference” which refers to the trading instruments that empower you to trade on the price differences.

2. What are CFD trading hours?

CFD trading hours can vary according to the market you are trading in. Apart from forex currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, financial assets which are listed on a specific stock and commodity exchanges are tradeable only during their business hours. Please visit our trading hours page for more information.

3. What are commodities?

Commodities are physical resources which are often industrial raw materials. In the financial markets, commodities are typically grouped into categories. Types of commodities include precious metals (e.g., gold, silver, platinum), industrial metals (e.g. copper, steel), energies (e.g., crude oil, natural gas, gasoline), and agriculture products (e.g., sugar, corn, coffee).

4. What are stocks?

Stocks are ownership portions of publicly traded companies. In the financial markets, stocks are typically grouped based on their country of origin. Stocks are often grouped as U.S. stocks (e.g., Amazon, Apple, Facebook) which are traded on NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges, European stocks (e.g., Barclays, Renault, Siemens), and Asian stocks (e.g., Softbank, Sony, Toyota).

5. What are indices?

Indices are performance trackers of baskets of stocks curated by the creator. In the financial markets, indices are typically grouped based on the companies included in the baskets and their trading hours as American indices (e.g., Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100); European indices (e.g., FTSE 100, DAX 30, CAC 40); and Asian indices (e.g., NIKKEI 225, TADAWUL, HANG SENG).

6. What are Digital Currencies?

Digital Currencies are digital assets which were recently introduced as a new form of currency based on advanced technologies. In the financial markets, Digital Currencies are typically grouped as Bitcoin (the Bitcoin cryptocurrency itself) or altcoins (e.g., Ethereum, Ripple, Dash).

7. How is a CFD priced?

The price of a CFD instrument follows the price of the underlying asset in real-time. For example, if Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) stocks are trading at $47.50/share in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Coca-Cola CFDs would have the same price. The price of the CFD will change in real-time as the price of Coca-Cola shares change.

8. What is leverage?

Leverage is a trading mechanism which enables you to open trading positions larger than your initial capital. When using leverage, you’re able to open larger position sizes; therefore, the amount you gain or lose per pip movement increases. It can increase your profit potential; but use it with caution, as it can also cause losses in the same way.

9. What is a pip?

The pip signifies the most basic price change unit. In forex currency pairs, a pip is the fourth decimal in the price of a currency pair. For example, when the EUR/USD currency pair is trading at 1.1856, pip is the “6” at the end (the fourth decimal). If EUR/USD rises to 1.1860, the new pip would be “0”, and the pair would be said to have risen 4 pips.

10. What is spread?

Spread is the difference between the selling price and the buying price of a currency pair. In Forex trading platforms, each pair would have two prices: Bid is the selling price and Ask is the buying price. Spread is calculated in pips and often represents some of the broker’s commission. It is charged automatically when a position is opened, and many traders often don’t notice it. One of the ways Digital Trade Prime makes money is based on the spreads from traders’ transactions.

11. How can I learn CFD trading?

Our vision at Digital Trade Prime is to enable everyone to obtain the power to reach economic independence, and we believe CFD trading is the most viable financial solution for the majority of people. In alignment with our goals, we’ve created a comprehensive education platform for trading CFDs. Discover how CFD trading works, the tips and tricks of CFD trading, popular trading strategies, and easy-to-use market analysis methods.